Company History

Performance Exchange, the London based touring company was formed in 1981 as part or the first London International Festival of Theatre. The company is a pool of actors, directors, writers, designers and technicians from which productions are planned and mounted.

Since 1981 the company has performed more than 100 productions ranging from the classics to modern and new plays, street theatre, cabaret, and revue. The company has performed the works of Aeschylus, Albee, Beckett, Brenton, Chekov, Coward, Euripides, Gems, Gray, Ionesco, McNally, Marlowe, Milton, Mrozek, O'Casey, Pinter, Pirandello, Pushkin, Rowe, Russel, Seneca, Shakespeare, Shepard, Sophocles, Strindberg, Synge, Turgenev, Yeats, etc.

The company has toured extensively in Europe: Britain (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland), Ireland, France, Germany, Holland, Poland, Finland, Luxemburg, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, plus Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Israel, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Guam, Australia, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan and U.S.A..

The company has participated in numerous theatre feativals: London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Lisbon, Tampere, Nothern Ireland, Tuscany, Sydney, Cologne, Berlin, Seoul and Hong Kong.

Performance Exchange has toured for the British Council to Germany, Sri Lanka, Burma, Hong Kong and Korea.